The PEAK:AIO Journey

The PEAK:AIO team spearheaded the development of Software Defined Storage in 2000 and introduced the industry leading framework still used and licensed today within enterprise storage. After recognising the fundamental differences within AI, it’s workflow and use of data, while most vendors repurposed existing technologies to try to enter the market, the team formed PEAK:AIO and completely rebuilt the storage solution to match the exact needs of the emerging AI world.

PEAK:AIO via its OEM PNY is established, proven and at the heart of leading AI projects and underpin some of the worlds most respected AI applications.

Meet the Team

PEAK:AIO was founded by a team of highly experienced data storage and AI experts.

Mark Klarzynski CEO & Founder A seasoned entrepreneur within the storage market, Mark spearheaded the evolution of software defined storage. Read More Linkedin
Vladislav Bolkhovitin Emerging Technology Fellow Vlad has worked with Mark since 2005 as the senior storage architect to extend the early iSCSI software defined storage model into a universal framework Read More Linkedin
Eyal Lemberger CTO & AI Market Strategist Having consulted on some of the world's largest AI projects, Eyal has a true understanding of the challenges and opportunities emerging from the evolving AI market. Read More Linkedin
Stevie Lanigan Partnerships Director A highly skilled Sales and Business Development leader with a wealth of experience in the global OEM & AI startup worlds. Read More Linkedin