Stevie Lanigan

Partnerships Director

A highly skilled Sales and Business Development leader with a wealth of experience in the global OEM & AI startup worlds. With a proven track record of success, and a passion for delivering innovative solutions to customers, Stevie has built and managed several multi-million dollar partnerships, providing cutting-edge products and services. Through a deep understanding of customer needs and a keen eye for market trends, Stevie has helped drive growth for businesses across a range of industries.

Stevie's success is built on a foundation of strong leadership skills, strategic thinking, and a collaborative approach to problem-solving. With a focus on building high-performing teams and empowering individuals to achieve their full potential, Stevie has created a culture of innovation and excellence that has propelled businesses to new heights.

Whether working with established global OEMs or fast-paced AI startups, Stevie brings a unique perspective and a deep knowledge of the industry to every project.

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