In the dynamic world of AI, data archiving is more than just storage—it's about ensuring recovery, ransomware protection, and corruption prevention while meeting evolving compliance, audibility, and model validation needs. PEAK:ARCHIVE provides a unique solution that eliminates the need for additional complex software or administration. Born from collaboration with leading AI teams, it offers seamless integration and continues to evolve with vertical-specific features, addressing the unique challenges of AI in both training and production environments.

PEAK:ARCHIVE for Traditional IT Environments

While flash-based protection has been available to enterprises for some time based upon traditional backup applications and with a high price tag. PEAK:ARCHIVE changes the game by delivering enterprise-level flash performance and security at a price point accessible to the mainstream IT market. It offers full compatibility with existing backup applications, making it an ideal solution for traditional IT organisations seeking cost-effective, high-performance modern data protection and recovery solution that makes all-flash restores an affordable reality, ensuring near instant recovery and robust ransomware protection.