Vladislav Bolkhovitin

Emerging Technology Fellow

Vlad has worked with Mark since 2005 as the senior storage architect to extend the early iSCSI software defined storage model into a universal framework, which after several years of focus created the perfect software-based storage interface for all things SCSI, such as Fibre Channel and InfiniBand SRP.

The SCST project was originally a private project linked with ID7’s product direction, when it became clear that SCST had created new levels of possibilities within Software Defined Storage an Open-Source fork of SCST was created.

This work influenced and enabled an entire new generation of storage start-ups which developed solutions and technologies founded on SCST’s capabilities and allowed for many companies exits with an accumulative value of over $1B. Many of today’s tier one storage companies have acquired and continue to run based upon SCST, and today new-starts still choose SCST for enterprise grade storage platforms.

Vlad has also the authored 23 patents and applications. A Former member of the NVMe technical committee, technology extensions designed by Vlad are still implemented today within the kernel stack.

Vlad’s vision for the perfect storage design, although ever changing to suit the emerging markets, has always been seen as a key indication as to future generations.

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