London AI Centre and NHS Trusts

PEAK:AIO is proud to be involved with our partners Scan and PNY in a world-leading project coordinated by the London AI Centre, leading universities and 10 of the largest London NHS (National Health Service) Trusts to use AI at the point of care.

The AIDE, (AI Deployment Engine) is transforming healthcare, and providing a new operating system for the hospital.

PEAK:AIO simply allowed KCL and the NHS trials to invest more funds in GPU servers where they provide for the best outcome.

Dr Jorge CardosoKings College London

The NVIDIA DGX A100 supercomputer is the key element within the solution, PEAK:AIO via PNY and Elite partner Scan, provided the only data storage option which was within budget. The cost of competing high-performance storage simply prohibited the inclusion of the DGX which compromised the entire solution.

A key focus of PEAK:AIO was to not to simply repurpose existing storage technology and shoehorn it into an AI solution, we completely rebuilt the storage stack from the ground up to match the requirements of real-life AI projects. It was very clear, cost of legacy storage is prohibitive for most mid-scale GPU clusters, the balance of funds must be focused on GPU and not storage.

Mark Klarzynski CEO & Founder

To find out more about the amazing work visit The London Medical Imaging & AI Centre for Value Based Healthcare

Announced globally at GTC Watch the full presentation at NVIDIA GTC (requires login).